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Books/ Special Issues

(4) NUMERICAL SIMULATION – From Brain Imaging to Turbulent Flows, Book of 16 Selected Contributions by 48 researchers,  López-Ruiz R.  (Ed.), published in the editorial Intech Books, Rijeka, Croatia, 438 p., 1st Edition in August 2016.

(3) Special Issue on NONLINEAR MAPS AND THEIR APPLICATIONS, Editors: Blokhina, Callegari, Fournier-Prunaret, Gelfreich, López-Ruiz & Nishio, Selection of 13 articles by 36 researchers from the NOMA’15 International Workshop published in the Journal of Physics: Conference Series, vol. 692, 012001-012013, 2016.

(2) NONLINEAR MAPS AND THEIR APPLICATIONS, Book of 17 Selected Contributions by 37 researchers from the the NOMA’13 International Workshop, López-Ruiz, Fournier-Prunaret, Nishio & Grácio (Eds.), volume published in the series PROMS,  Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics, vol. 112, 288 p., 1st Edition in March 2015.

(1) Special Issue on STATISTICAL CHAOS AND COMPLEXITY, Editor-in-Chief: López-Ruiz R., Collection of 14 articles by 36 researchers published in the International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Statistics (IJAMAS), vol. 26, num. 2, pp. 1-179, 2012.

Book Chapters / Reviews

(9) Statistical Complexity. Applications in Electronic Systems, Review in the Journal of Theoretical & Computational Science, vol. 2 (2), article 122, 14 p., 2015.

(8) A Statistical Measure of Complexity, Chapter in the book CONCEPTS AND RECENT ADVANCES IN GENERALIZED INFORMATION MEASURES AND STATISTICS, Kowalski, Rossignoli & Curado (Eds.), Ch. 7, Bentham Science Books, pp. 147-168, 1st Edition in 2013.

(7) The Bistable Brain: A Neuronal Model with Symbiotic Interactions, Chapter in the book SYMBIOSIS: EVOLUTION, BIOLOGY AND ECOLOGICAL EFFECTS, A.F. Camisao & C.C. Pedroso (Ed.), Ch.10, Nova (Biology) Books, pp. 235-254, 1st Edition in December 2012.

(6) Geometrical Derivation of Equilibrium Distributions in some Stochastic Systems, Chapter in the open access book STOCHASTIC MODELING AND CONTROL, I.G. Ivanov (Ed.), Ch. 4, pp. 63-80, InTech Books, 1st Edition in November 2012.

(5) Notions of Chaotic Cryptography: Sketch of a Chaos based Cryptosystem, Chapter in the open access book APPLIED CRYPTOGRAPHY AND NETWORK SECURITY , J. Sen (Ed.), Ch. 12, pp. 267-294, InTech Books, 1st Edition in Mars 2012.

(4) Statistical Complexity and Fisher-Shannon Information: Applications, Chapter in the book STATISTICAL COMPLEXITY, K.D. Sen (Ed.), Ch. 4, pp. 65-127, Springer Books, 1st Edition in September 2011.

(3) Complexity and Stochastic Synchronization in Coupled Map Lattices and Cellular Automata, Chapter in the open access book STOCHASTIC CONTROL, C. Myers (Ed.), Ch. 4, pp. 59-79, InTech Books,  1st Edition in September 2010.

(2) Logistic Models for Symbiosis, Predator-Prey and Competition, Chapter in the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF NETWORKED AND VIRTUAL ORGANIZATION, G.D. Putnik & M.M. Cruz-Cunha (Eds.), vol. II, pp. 838-847, IGI Global Books, 1st Edition in March 2008.

(1) Complex Patterns on the Plane: Different Types of Basin Fractalization in a Two-Dimensional Mapping, TUTORIAL in the International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, vol. 13, pp. 287-310, 2003.